• Hi there!

    My name is Dennis, mostly known as 3V1L (pronounced EVIL, username pronounced EVIL.IS.BUT.A.SHADOW) on the Melanie Martinez wiki. I love the work that you’ve done with the wiki so far, and I would like to ask you if I could become an admin. As an admin, I will help you increase the amount of pages and information on the wiki in an attempt to help the wiki expand. 

    I wanted to ask this for a very long time. Because I was too shy to ask I made my own Emma Blackery wiki to prove how useful I could be to the wiki when transferring information from my wiki to this one, however, I abandoned the project ages ago. You can still find some of the pages on , if you’d like to construct pages from there.

    I want to help you out. I’ve been watching Emma for about 3 years and have been in love with her ever since. I was even at her Cardiff concert (I was at the very front row and shouted “I LOVE YOU BRIAN” to her guitarist, it became a meme ever since). 

    Even if you decide not to make me an admin, I’d still be very happy to help you edit the pages of the wiki in order to help it gain exposure.



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    • Hey! Thanks, I actually do need alot of help on this wiki getting the pages up and getting people to come and help edit, so I'm very happy you've messaged me! ^_^ 

      If you don't mind, I'll give you admin after you've edited a little bit. Thanks for your help!

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    • Hi!

      Sorry for the long time without a reply. I've had a lot of personal issues that I've had to deal with over the past couple of weeks. I should start editing various pages throughout the next couple of days, starting tomorrow.



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    • Hey! Don't worry about it! :) Thanks for your help, again!

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    • Hey, now that I've started to edit I need to make some changes that will organise the wiki more that will require me to have certain administrator tools. Because there are two separate versions of Human Behaviour, I thought that there could be two separate pages. I need to change the tabs on the discography pages so that it'll link to the right page. I also need to change the theme of the wiki (now that Emma's music style has changed), further organise the tabs (for example, remove the early demo tracks page because most of them are now lost) and change the home page so that it becomes more user friendly

      If it wouldn't be any trouble, could you please grant me administrator rights.



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    • not to sound rude but why did you change from template: music to template: infobox ep fhdkgh it was fine the way it was 

      also i feel like the table for the tracklist looks kinda meh idk if we should have that jgkfdgjld

      but yeah this wiki is still alot under construction so we'll see how it goess

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    • lmaoooo sorryyyy i just did it because i thought it gave the tracks a tad bit more information.

      if you want me to get rid of the tables that fineee i can change that too, it won't be a problem.

      and fe, i'll leave the human behaviour page and edit the rest of the pages and see how everything turns out, if you don't like certain things then i'll change them.

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    • it's fine you could have just added it to the original template tho ghk lmao!!!

      but for the theme we can probably change it around the time when the album's release date is announced or the album cover is released, i think that would be good :o

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    • lmaooooo sorryyyy honestly i don't know how to edit original templates so i just created a new one which is a bit easier for me

      and that's a good idea!! now that agenda's being released it'll be quite hard to determine what theme Emma's going for so we'll just wait until the album cover / name is released

      could we talk more on twitter dms? it would make it a lot more easier for me :))

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