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"Human Behaviour" is the first EP (extended play) by the British singer & songwriter Emma Blackery. It was released on May 17, 2012 and was put onto Emma's official Bandcamp account. It has since been removed. The EP contains four tracks and was produced and released via Sam Clowting Music.


After Emma Blackery created her solo project called "TheseSilentSeas" , she wanted to take her career to the next level and create her first and debut EP. After she left her first band, she found a man named Sam Clowting who did her EP for a very cheap price, considering that Emma didn't have that much money at the time. The songs were mostly original songs that could be found on "TheseSilentSeas" that are only written by Emma Blackery exclusively. Emma has said herself on a future YouTube video that the EP wasn't the best of her ability, saying: "It wasn't the best produced thing, sorry Sam but we were still learning".


No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. Eventide Emma Blackery Sam Clowting 5:05
2. Wisdom Teeth Emma Blackery Sam Clowting 3:46
3. Glory Days (I Hate You More) Emma Blackery Sam Clowting 3:10
4. Human Behaviour Emma Blackery Sam Clowting 3:16


  • Considering that Emma has recently deleted the EP from her Bandcamp, it had become lost with the only songs available being the studio versions of "Human Behaviour" and "Eventide" as well as the acoustic versions of "Glory Days (I Hate You More)" and "Wisdom Teeth". As of May 5, 2018, the lost studio versions of the second and third tracks were re-uploaded to YouTube.
Human Behaviour
Tracklist Eventide - Wisdom Teeth - Glory Days - Human Behaviour
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