"Glory Days (I Hate You More)" is a song by the British singer & songwriter Emma BlackeryIt is the third track from her first EP and was released on May 17, 2012. It is 3:10 in length and was produced by Sam Clowting. An acoustic version is currently available on her solo project channel: "TheseSilentSeas".


When I first met you I swore
That I'd never fall for someone like you
And yet here I am again
Kidding myself you were worth it

But you weren't worth a second of my time
Now we never talk and it suits me fine
Secretly I hope that you're alone
Why should I care when you clearly don't?

Last night I threw out your things
Except for all the shit that I could sell
Because you may as well be good for something
There wasn't all that much that you did well

I hope in years to come I'll hate you more
To make up for the fact that I once swore
I'd never let you in and break me down
I know you never wanted me around

But I'm bitter, no I swear
If you got here by a car I wouldn't care
Well it's a far cry from a year ago
When back then you were someone I used to know

Am I wasting time with all these words?
It's nothing that your friends haven't heard
When you think back to our glory days
I hope you have nothing nice to say

When you think back to our glory days
I hope you have nothing nice to say
I hope you have nothing nice to say


Glory Days - Emma Blackery

Glory Days - Emma Blackery


  • Because of the fact that "Human Behaviour" was removed along with Emma's entire Bandcamp account, the studio version of the song had been considered to be lost. As of May 5, 2018, all of the studio tracks from "Human Behaviour" have been re-uploaded.
  • In Emma's book, "Feel Good 101", Emma confirms that this song was written about her ex-boyfriend.
  • It was also confirmed in the book that the acoustic version of the song was made so that her ex-boyfriend could see it.
Human Behaviour
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